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Thanks for visiting Shimmer Names! You're welcome to look through the variety of colors and fonts that are available and if you want to have your nic or name shimmering for all the world to see, just fill out the form below.

It is imperative that you upload or transload your graphic to your own file manager or scrapbook - as I will not hold on to it for more than a week.






Font Styles

Not all fonts work with numbers & symbols

Thank you for your patronage, but I can not handle any more orders at the moment.

RL has dealt me little time to work on orders in recent weeks and I'm now easily a month or more behind, so until I can get caught up on orders I'm taking the order form down.

For people who are waiting for orders - I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I
WILL complete those orders when I am able - and that will be before the order form is re-opened.

If you just can't wait for a sig - here are 2 other places where you'll find lots of other sites

Email Signature Sites
Animated Names & Name Tags



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